...Tali's deployment of that instrument laid to rest the notion of the recorder as a beginner’s toy ”

— (Carlo Wolff, JazzTimes)

"Amazing!!!" "Impressive!!!"”

— (Alejandro Sanz, 18-time Latin GRAMMY and three-time GRAMMY winner)

Nobody told Tali what could and could not be done with a recorder”

— (Roger H. Brown, President, Berklee College of Music)

Tali Rubinstein is a NYC based recorder player, singer and composer (for Latin GRAMMY Award winning album) from Israel. Originating in classical music and delving into jazz, pop and R&B music, Tali has been exploring and challenging the boundaries of this ancient baroque instrument, creating her own unique voice in today's music scene.

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tali's july tour in asia is coming up!

Click on image to view the full schedule

Click on image to view the full schedule

new review by 'windkanal' magazine!

Tali's workshop in Frankfurt Conservatory. Click on image to read the full review by Jasmin Röder and Sina Bayer (German, 2018)

New review from downbeat magazine!

Click on image to read the article in Downbeat magazine online (p. 24)

Tali's page on Ulab (by Univisión) is out!

New videos...

OQ ("Original Quartet") by Javier Limón and IMG Artists - first single out!

Tali Rubinstein and Benjamín Furman in Sala SCD Bellavista, Santiago, Chile
Tali Rubinstein with the Manila Symphony Orchestra, The Philippines
Tali Rubinstein on NET25 TV, the Philippines
"Refugio del Sonido" on +24 TV, Spain
"Refugio del Sonido" on Telemadrid TV, Spain

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